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Brand identity and packaging for Late Bloomer, a skincare brand that lets you grow at your own pace.

Late Bloomer is a skincare brand that offers fun yet minimal and purposeful skincare products. It aims to dismantle the instant gratification mindset that’s so common in consumers and the skincare industry, hence the name Late Bloomer.

Late Bloomer is for people who are overwhelmed and feel lost in the world of skincare, and want to have a routine of simple and intentional products. It encourages you to take care of your skin but don’t want you to buy more and more skincare. It wants you to grow in your skincare journey at your own pace.


Project Objective

To create a packaging design for Late Bloomer: The Minis kit that’s both a neat container for traveling and a tray to display the skincare products. 

The kit is for people who travel (no matter the frequency) who needs skincare that’s TSA friendly, and people who want to try Late Bloomer’s products without committing to full-size products / want to have a cohesive and curated skincare routine.


Early concept sketches and prototype 

The System

The logo is funky and friendly, with custom Os as flowers. In addition to the main logo, the Os can be any two objects that resemble the letter. The customer can participate in making their own Late Bloomer logo in their kit (shown later).

The illustrations are free-handed, giving them a flowy and casual look that mimics the headline typography.


System logo, color and typography


Some logo variations

The Box

The packaging features a diagonal hinged-lid. It showcases Late Bloomer's product points and provides information about the minis kit. The logo is playfully situated at the opening of the box.


Customers can draw their own Late Bloomer logo on the package. Owning and using the kit turns into a personal and intimate experience.


A little surprise when you open the box!


The Tray

Customers can lift the tray up to display their skincare products on their vanity, mirror cabinet, etc. when they don't need the box. 

Positive affirmations like "You are loved," "You are beautiful" are written around the tray. They're gentle reminders that skincare time isn't to focus on your skin insecurities, but rather to nurture and be kind to yourself. 


A clever play with the word "BLOOMER" in the tray slots.


Website mockup

I had a ton of fun with this project because I'm passionate about skincare and was literally creating my dream skincare brand! I loved researching trends in the industry, brainstorming the brand concept, creating the illustrations and writing the copy for the product. 

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