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Splash Page and Shopify website design for Fountain - a hard seltzer drink company

Fountain produces CBD-infused sparkling water at their bewery in NYC. In 2020, I designed their responsive Splash Page and Shopify website based on the brand identity made by Pentagram

Following the brand guidelines was crucial. Additionally, I introduced new elements that adapt the system to the digital format while still complementing the existing brand assets.

Splash Page – Desktop

Splash Page

This page was released before Fountain's official launch to promote the product and grasp public attention. 

I kept the minimal yet colorful look of Fountain's brand identity and introduced new elements: the fruit photography. The fruits highlights Fountain's fresh, natural ingredients and single flavors approach.


Splash Page – Mobile Landing Page

Shopify Site

I designed a comprehensive Shopify experience (Desktop & Mobile), including: Home Page, Shop, Product Page, About, Contact, Login, Add to Cart, and Checkout pages. I also gave suggestions for the website animation.

Shopify Website – Desktop Landing Page

The Desktop landing page is quite similar to the Spash Page's, but grander and more colorful, you could say. The different background colors highlight individual flavors better and create a more dynamic experience for the user.

Shopify Website – Desktop Home Page stills

The Shop page is given a dark background color to stand out from the rest of the website. When you hover on a product, the can tilts and fruits appear around it.

Shopify Website – Desktop Shop Page

Suggested hover animation for the products


Shopify Website – Product Page


Shopify Website – Checkout Page

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