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Experimental Publication design for the Amélie issue of the film magazine mise-en-SCÈNE

mise-en-SCÈNE is a film publication I made up that has a different format every issue, depending on the film it features. Each issue is like a love letter to the film, since it's so extensively themed. Amélie is my favorite film ever – I can't remember how many times I've seen it, so I want to create something that eternalize my love for the film.

Box exterior with secure band and collaged label

The Box

The Amélie issue is housed in a tin box. The tin box is an important item in the film, as Amélie finds Bretodeau's childhood treasures in a burried tin box in her apartment. This experience is emblematic in the film and changes Amélie's life, as it prompts her journey to make people around her happy, and eventually allow herself to be happy.

The collaged label features cropped facial features of the characters in the film and the film's official logo.


Box interior

Once you open the box, you find various miscellaneous little items, an Amélie DVD along with the actual magazine. The misc items also reference Bretodeau's childhood tin box, as it's also filled with random relics like these. I went to a local thrift store to pick out each item! Of course, I made sure the items match the color palette of the magazine and the film.


Magazine - front

The Magazine

The magazine is made up of spreads of different sizes - each represents a character. These spreads are placed intertwined and overlapped with each other, so there's a certain order to flip through them. The way I organize them represents the way Amélie views her world.

The clear red square in the cover indicates that this is the story from Amélie's lens - "red" and random and quirky.


Magazine - back

The magazine interior is fun and colorful. I combine photography from the film and techniques like collage, hand-done letters and doodles to tell the story. I want it to look like a scrapbook that Amélie makes herself.


Magazine - interior shots


A litte pop-up in the middle that reference the skeleton scene of the film

Lastly, here's a flip-through of the publication!
Music: I've Never Been there – Yann Tiersen

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